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Building Consumer Loyalty and a Singular Customer Experience – this is is every Retailer’s dream.  It gets consumers interested, engaged, and enhances brand loyalty.

This week,on February 2, 2016, Amazon.com announced it would be opening Brick-And-Mortar book stores in an unprecedented move by online retailers.  One of the main reasons is so customers can return items purchased via the e-commerce site.  And another is to expand business.

This just goes to show that creating the right customer experience means giving the customer the right tools.  There are many brands to choose from.  Brands that appeal to the modern consumer offer an omni-channel experience, from mobile apps, to e-commerce, to a brick and mortar location, with seamless integration.

Centralized customer data can help retailers offer this fluid experience.  First, start with an easily accessible customer profile.  Kiosks that are strategically placed in a retail environment – from Airports, to Banks, to Stores and Malls – are a great way to get additional customers to “opt in” to marketing.  Parabit offers kiosks where customers can sign up to download an  app or a coupon.  Kiosks also help bridge the gap between baby-boomers, who are late adopters of technology, and the millennials, who are early adopters and probably already tested a retail app.

Loyalty programs can help, but only if they’re done right, collecting relevant information and putting it to use. A retailer can use a loyalty program to deliver relevant content and integrate data across all interaction touch points, including the web, in-store sales, kiosks, and even returns of merchandise.

A kiosk that is entertaining and promotes specials, and can also help customers get product information, or download an app, is a great way to enhance self-service and integrate mobile and online at the brick-and-mortar location.  What better way to coordinate technologies to enhance the retail customer experience?

The retail customer experience should enhance brand loyalty.  Retailers can seamlessly connect online and on-premise shopping with a smart kiosk.