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Parabit Systems, the world’s #1 manufacturer and designer of ATM Vestibule Access Control, is headed once again to Las Vegas, this time for the ISC West International Security Conference and Exposition.

Parabit is no stranger to this show – it will be our 16th year exhibiting with the ISC events portfolio. This year, Parabit Systems at booth 30092.

Parabit Systems is famous for securing the ATM Vestibules of TOP 20 U.S. Banks with our ACS-1E ATM Lobby Access Control System with SkimGard.

Coming soon is our MMR (Multi Media Reader), for Contactless EMV/NFC, Mobile, and Magnetic Stripe Access. This will feature SkimGard and works with the ACS-1E Control Panel.


All of these solutions work with Remote Facilities Management Software.

Did you know that Parabit is a custom stainless steel fabrication and design shop?

Because of our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, we also make a variety of unique Emergency and Courtesy Telephones (Telephones Catalog). In this day of mobile technology, we STILL should provide our customers, students, and staff with access to RELIABLE COMMUNICATION in ANY situation! Cell towers go down. Batteries die. Better to rely on phone line powered, reliable equipment.

Parabit’s Courtesy/Emergency Phones are Reliable, Vandal Resistant, Remotely Programmable, and Phone Line Powered. With PhoneChecker Software you can remotely power one phones or many, retrieve call counts, and more!


Parabit Telephones come in a variety of styles: Stanchion, Wall/Flush Mount, Auto/Speed Dial, Directory, and more.

Other Security Products that you can demo at ISC West are these unique surveillance cameras and accessories:

Light Sensor: Ensure proper lighting at ALL TIMES! Make sure that ATMs, Stairwells, Restrooms, Elevators, and Dormitories all have the illumination that is required BY LAW. The light sensor integrates with your Alarm System and will send an alert if lighting fails, or is tampered with.

light sensor

Transaction Cameras: Record every transaction that takes place in your environment with close-
up facial image capture. Parabit’s Transaction Cameras function with mechanical tilt/pan/height
adjustment, so you can make sure the camera is set correctly each time.

Drive-Up Cameras: Available in Dual Camera Housing for Facial and Vehicle Plate image capture,
or as Single Camera Housing.


Doorway Cameras: For Covert facial image capture in your storefront/ATM doorway/mullion.
Tilts with 30 degree adjustment, total from far left to far right!

Finally, no trade-show is complete without visitor registration, check in, and badge dispensing. Imagine if you had a KIOSK that could do all of that, and more! Parabit’s Self Check-in / Visitor Management Kiosks do just that.


These smart, sturdy machines can pre-register visitors, verify identities, photograph your visitors, track persons, dispense proxy cards/badges, and can integrate with over 45 Access Control Systems.