ATM Lobby Access Control ACS-1E

ATM Lobby Access Control is an important safety feature for any retail banking or credit union location. Since 1995, Parabit has been dedicated to the research and development of fundamental ATM security products. We are the go to access control system manufacturer in the world, for the top 22 financial institutions worldwide. Other access control companies don’t even compare.

The ACS-1E Card Access System provides reliable Track 2 Magnetic Stripe access control to your ATM Lobby, Vestibule, or Night Drop, improving ATM Security. ACS-1E’s embedded Ethernet or optional Modem features with the ACS Enterprise Software option provides centralized or distributed control of thousands of ACS-1E installations from anywhere within your network.

The ACS-1E System also supports a 2nd Card Reader option, 4 Port I/O Adapter for easy integration into any Alarm Panel, Video Recording System, ATM, ADA Door Assist Operator, and a Modem option for dial-up sites where a network is not available.

Works with SkimGard™ access control reader to detect and deter skimming.


The ACS-1E System also includes:

    • Remote Firmware Update via TCP/IP
    • 3 Card Reader Modes of Operation per Reader:

1. Any Mag-Stripe Card
2. Bank ISO Encoded Mag Strip ATM/Credit/Debit Card Access w/ NYCE BIN Exception Lookup
3.Straight Card Number Lookup/Match (Card Number List)

  • Contactless EMV/NFC Compatible
  • Extensive Battery Back EEPROM Audit Trail of PCI Compliant Card Reader Activity and Controller System Message Activity
  • Excessive Controller Reset, Low Battery, Reader Failing and Suspicious Card Used Status Messages