Central / Remote Management Software

For use with the ACS-1E ATM Lobby Access Control System

Remote management of your ACS Panels is a key to increasing the security and surveillance of your 24/7 retail banking operations. Protect your valuable ATM and retail banking technology, which is so important for customer retention and increasing revenue.

Remotely Control the security of your ATM Lobby Door Access Systems with:

  • ACS Enterprise (ACS Panel Management/Configuration): Support the remote management and configuration of Parabit’s ACS-1E ATM Lobby Card Entry Access Control.
  • AFH Service (ACS Audit Trail/Firmware Version/Health Check): Collects and stores within the ACS Enterprise SQL database all panel Audit Trail events; Verifies approved controller firmware versions operating within ACS-1E panels; Checks the Health of the Card Readers by reporting exceeding the specified percentage drop in average daily cards read.
  • AXSView (ACS-1E Panel Message Transceiver Service): Supervises up to 2,000 ACS-1E panels. Loaded as a primary, backup or load balancing receiver. Provides logging of all inbound and outbound AXSView Service functions performed, and messages received and transmitted to third party central monitoring message receivers.

ACS Enterprise Software Brochure

AFH Service Software Brochure

AXS View Software Brochure