SkimGard™ Access Control & Skimming Detection

Skimming detection at the ATM Vestibule is a must for all banking and credit unions.  SkimGard™ will detect card reader tampering, cable-cut, and installation of overlays.

The #1 solution on the market today is our patented SkimGard™ reader. Integrate with alarm panels, video recorders, and ATM out-of-service inputs. It’s the best way to guard against skimming at the ATM Vestibule.

Why did Parabit invent SkimGard™?  ATM manufacturers have done a good job making sure that ATM card readers are protected. Criminals know this and have moved skimming devices to the card reader at the ATM Vestibule.

ATM Vestibules that lack SkimGard™ are prime locations to install an ATM Card Skimmer (and then place the PIN capture device on the ATM).  It’s trusted by the top 20 US Banks – see our clients here.

Put a stop to the following risks associated with skimming attacks:

  • Financial loss to banks, credit unions, and banking clients
  • Incurring soft costs of researching, investigating and reporting of Skimming related financial losses
  • Risk of damaged reputation and relationship losses with clients
  • Inconvenience and cost of canceling and re-issuing ATM/Debit/Credit cards

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