Animated Virtual Assistant / Avatar (AVA™)

Use a Virtual Assistant to up the WOW factor!  Provide an interactive, personal approach for enhancing self-service. Available for rent or purchase. Custom designs and characters!

Parabit’s animated virtual assistant, or “avatar” kiosk, is the original way to enhance self service in a unique way.  Ours is is the most budget friendly, fun “avatar” on the market. We use animated characters so you can save on cost and quickly update content. A virtual assistant has never looked so good.

How it works: this self-service solution combines innovative hologram technology and progressive design for a 3-d virtual experience. Your customers will be greeted by a projection of a custom character (an “avatar”).

Using a touch screen, visitors can get on-demand information, such as safety tips or directions.

Where to use it: A virtual assistant is a fun and engaging addition to any facility. Our “avatars” can be spotted at airports around the country!  They have also been used at trade shows and events to provide directions and scheduling updates.  Try it out at your store to promote a product.  They are great additions to a museum – visitors will be thrilled to see historical figures come to life before their eyes.

Customize your Virtual Assistant / Greeter to reflect the unique requirements of the deployment environment; including race, gender, language and attire options. For example, international airport terminals may want to implement a virtual hologram with the look of a specific nationality, with messages in that specific language. In addition, kiosk graphic wraps can be customized to reflect branding requirements.


What can a virtual assistant do?

  • Directions inside your facility
  • General safety and convenience tips
  • Promotions/advertising/product info
  • Health tips and/or hospital information
  • Fun characters for museums/theme parks
  • Trade show and event calendars and more…