Visitor Management Self Check-in Kiosks

Visitor Management Kiosks (or, Self Check-In Kiosks) are a cost effective way to manage access control at specific points and unsupervised lobbies. We believe there is no such thing as TOO SAFE.

Our kiosks can be found in corporate buildings, schools, hospitals, and event spaces. The kiosks are integrated with a variety of software and peripherals, specialized for your needs and industry.

Place in a secured lobby to screen all visitors who attempt to enter your facility, before you grant them access.

Custom designs available, from vandal resistant stainless steel models, to sleek, tablet versions. Choose from wall mount, through the wall, desktop, and pedestal varieties.


  • Manage visitors, packages and assets from a single Visitor Management Kiosk
  • Enterprise-class scalability from a single system to hundreds, all sharing a central database
  • Electronically capture visitor data by scanning a license, passport or business card
  • Print visitor and employee badges in full color or black and white
  • Customize badges for different categories of visitors
  • Multiple security alerts with email/SMS notification

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