Wayfinding Kiosks

Install a user-friendly WayFinding Kiosk by Parabit to help your visitors navigate your facility. For use in Airports, Bus and Train Terminals, Campuses, Corporate Offices, Educational Facilities, Hospitals, Libraries, Tradeshows, or Retail Malls. Incorporate digital marketing, coupons, opt-in, and advertising to drive revenue.

Our WayFinding Software allows your visitors to generate directions to both indoor and outdoor destinations. The system is data-driven, rather graphically-driven. This means locations (starting points and destinations) and ‘ways’ (hallways and roadways) are stored as a numeric value. This data can be easily modified, providing a very flexible, expandable system.

Create an ADA/508 compliant design, you can further assist visitors with visual or physical impairments by providing the best accessible routes.


  • User-friendly interface design
  • Use to enhance traditional signage
  • More cost-effective than traditional signage
  • Multi-language capable
  • Easy installation
  • Can be incorporated into existing digital signage
  • Close routes during specific hours of choice
  • Establish alternate routes in case of construction, emergencies, special events