Light Sensor

Proper lighting is a core security measure in every environment – our light sensor knows if gets too dark.

Parabit’s light sensor is a cost effective, reliable product to measure low light or no light conditions.

Use at ATM lobbies, vestibules, drive-ups, walk-ups, dormitories, restrooms, stairwells, hallways, and more.

It’s the Law for ATMs! US States require that the level of illumination in the area surrounding the ATM be at least 10 foot-candles when measured anywhere among an arc located at a five (5) foot radius from the ATM and at thirty-six (36) inches above grade.

Sound the alarm! The Light Sensor interfaces to any alarm panel and if the lighting falls below the pre-programmed setting of foot candle illumination, the light sensor sends a warning to the monitoring station, alerting you of the poor light condition.