eBrochure (electronic brochure) Digital Signage

Go Green, stop wasting money on printed materials, and track usage with electronic brochures.

eBrochure is a simple, cost-effective digital signage solution that displays beautiful electronic brochures. Replace your outdated paper brochure racks with an interactive touch screen solution.  Now, your customers can review content, and then forward a digital copy to their email address or smartphone via QR Code.

Opt-in marketing: with eBrochure you can track how often an electronic brochure is downloaded, and you will receive a report of users who provided email addresses and mobile phone numbers.  Send targeted promotions based on their interests.

Increase Revenue: Every electronic brochure you display is an opportunity for advertisers to sponsor content. Our reporting system lets you know which sponsors are getting the most interest and brochure downloads.

Integrate eBrochure with a customized kiosk by Parabit.  Large format digital display presence enhances your brand and the customer experience.