eTract Interactive Digital Signage

Turn Any Kiosk or Display Into Fun, Engaging, Interactive Digital Signage!

eTract is cost effective, interactive digital signage.  Not every facility requires enterprise digital signage software – don’t spend extra for bells and whistles you don’t need. eTract can do it all at a fraction of the cost.

With eTract, you can display advertising, play videos, link digital signage images/videos to additional content or a website.  Enhance self-service and increase security with a reliable software you can customize.

How it works with a kiosk: Upon detection of a user within 2 – 15 feet, the kiosk changes the content that is displayed on a touch screen.  Users can then navigate content and search for products, local hotels, things to do, directions, coupons, and more.  The kiosk offers access to a restricted web browser – so you can track user engagement and advertising. With the courtesy phone option, users can access a digital phone directory. This is very convenient for retail locations, airports, banks, college campuses, hospitals, hotels, museums, and places where cell phone service is poor.

Easy to use: Remotely change content and configuration via our eTract Remote Content/Configuration Application. Simply drag and drop new files to 5 folders, and the content updates automatically.