FIDs Software (flight information displays)

Display modern, reliable flight information to your airport passengers (Flight Information Displays / FIDs). Parabit also provides Bus and Train Information Display Software.  It’s digital, it’s bright, it’s cheerful.  Flight information that looks 2016, not outdated.

Parabit can support updates to flight information displays, 24/7/365.  We offer a total solution, with FIDs software, remote services, installation, and maintenance.  Also, we can manufacture custom designs and displays for your FIDs.  Flight information never looked so good.

With top airport and airline clients relying on Parabit, you can trust that we are the industry expert you need to enhance the passenger experience.  No matter the size of your terminals, Parabit offers FIDs that can be scaled to fit your infrastructure and budget.

Our FIDs (flight information display software) does all this:

  • Shows up to date flight information
  • Excites passengers with a modern look and feel
  • Lets your brand shine with custom graphics
  • Mobile integration – so passengers can view their flight information on their phone or tablet
  • Hardware and Enclosure installation available

Trust Parabit for powerful FIDs products – installations and  software you need to manage and display flight information exactly the way you want.

A positive passenger experience is KEY for the successful airport!  LEARN MORE