Wayfinding Software Solution

A complete wayfinding solution for any facility and budget.  Mobile compatible, custom designs, and eye catching graphics.

Wayfinding that is easy to update: Move beyond static signage with a digital wayfinding kiosk from Parabit. Your wayfinding will be easier to update in case of a new build or remodeling.  Show branded messages to increase revenue streams. Or, take over the screen with an emergency message. Improve security and enhance self service.

Modern: Effective wayfinding is based on human behaviors and modern trends in design.  Parabit’s wayfinding software is designed to let your visitors know exactly where they are and where they are headed in your facility.  It is important to show information at strategic points, to guide your visitors.  We have the solution for any number of locations, indoors or outdoors, at your airport, campus, museum, hospital, transportation hub, and mall.

Total mobile and kiosk solution: We manufacture custom kiosks for any facility and budget. With a kiosk equipped with our software, you will have a clear, consistent visual communication system.  Additionally, by integrating a Parabit kiosk with our software, your visitors can easily download a map and directions to their mobile devices.


Parabit wayfinding step by step


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A positive passenger experience is KEY for the successful airport!  Increase revenue streams, enhance self service, and modernize your facilities.

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