Doorway Cameras

Parabit’s Doorway Camera Enclosures are designed for applications where unobstructed, close-up facial image capture is required. Designed to fit narrow storefronts, our Doorway Cameras are a unique, covert solution for your security needs.

Fits any standard door frame and maintains a superior video image compared to pendant or ceiling mount cameras.  Use in a door jamb or mullion.

Parabit Specialty Camera Enclosures integrate with the following surveillance cameras:

  • High Resolution Camera: Parabit’s Day/Night High Resolution Camera is packed with features including 3D-DNR, Low Light Lux Rating, Headlight Masking, Privacy Masking and RS-485 Controls.
  • High Definition HD camera: delivers a megapixel quality video without requiring IT network bandwidth.  No dropping packets, or reduced resolution from compression.
  • High Definition IP Camera: IP HDTV Network high-performance camera.  Exceptionally discreet outdoor Installation.