Welcome Centers

Welcome Centers enhance the visitor experience and improve safety.  Use in airports, campuses, museums, and anywhere customers can use an iconic, central information hub to welcome them.

Watch a webinar about welcome centers here

Engage and Attract: Parabit Welcome Centers incorporate digital signage, kiosks, telephones and directories, and other technology within a custom enclosure. Create an icon of safety and security while providing visitors with an easily identifiable service location.

Go Digital: With our eBrochure software, you can save money on printed brochures!  Digital signs display electronic brochures that feature information on attractions and events in the area.  And for you, that is paid advertising. Interactive digital signage with our cost effective eTract software is installed in welcome centers aronud the country.  This is entertaining, and a great way to increase revenue streams as well.

Cost Effective: Save thousands of dollars using digital signage in welcome centers. Graphics and messages can be changed and updated much more quickly and cost-effectively than with static signage.

Easy Installation: We have you covered from design, to site surveys, to installation. Parabit’s mechanical designers are skilled at solving, correcting, and preventing structural problems with use of proven, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Our engineers work in accordance with strict compliance under current codes and standards such as ADA. Parabit’s experience and full manufacturing capabilities allow design of efficient and budget friendly products.