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Be on the lookout, and stay one step ahead of criminals.  Protect all access points and card readers from Skimming!

ALERT: There has been an increase in card skimming attacks at ATMs and ATM Vestibules across the USA. The trend likely is being fueled by the coming migration away from magnetic-stripe technology to contact EMV.

ATM manufacturers are making sure that ATM card readers are protected, and criminals know this – but what about the card reader at your ATM Vestibule? This is where skimming devices are now frequently placed.

DID YOU KNOW? ATM Vestibules that lack Parabit’s ATM Card Entry Access Control System are prime locations for criminals to install an ATM Card Skimmer (and then place a PIN capture device on the ATM).



Detect Card Reader; Tampering/Cable Cut/ Installation of Skimming Devices with Parabit’s SkimGard(TM)/ACS-1E ATM Lobby Card

Access Control System. Integrates with all Alarm Monitoring Receivers, Alarm Panels, DVRs, and your ATMs.

Coming soon is our MMR Contactless EMV/NFC/Mag Stripe Reader, which incorporates SkimGard(TM) and works with the ACS-1E Control Panel.


All of these solutions work with Remote Facilities Management Software:

ACS Enterprise Software
AFH Service Software
AXSView Service Software


Did you know that Parabit is a custom stainless steel fabrication and design shop?

Other Security Products that work for ATM Safety and help prevent Skimming Attacks:

Ensure proper lighting at ALL TIMES! with this Light Sensor.  Make sure that ATMs, Stairwells, Restrooms, Elevators, and Dormitories all have the illumination that is required  BY LAW.  The light monitor integrates with your Alarm System and will send an alert if lighting fails, or is tampered with.


Record every transaction that takes place in your environment with  close- up facial image capture.  Parabit’s Specialty Cameras function with mechanical tilt/pan/height adjustment, so you can make sure the camera is set correctly each time.


Available in Dual Camera Housing for Facial and Vehicle Plate image capture, or as Single Camera Housing, you can record facial images at the ATM Drive Up, at a garage, parking lot, loading dock, and more:
For Covert facial image capture in your storefront/ATM doorway/mullion, install these Doorway Cameras (also known as mullion, or door jamb cameras). Tilts with 30 degree adjustment, total from far left to far right!