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Find out what the top 20 U.S. banks already know! Parabit is an industry leader in Retail Banking Security and Innovation.

No bank or credit union is too big or small to benefit from Parabit's solutions. We execute the most challenging customer requests and take pride in getting the job done right.

Rob Leiponis, President, founded Parabit in 1995 after working in the cash handling and ATM security business. Twenty years later, we remain the industry leader in fighting fraud and skimming. We are always one step ahead of the needs of our clients, which include some of the biggest names in banking.

For your convenience, we work with various partners and resellers in the security industry, all around the world. You can also come directly to Parabit - we now have a national network of certified Parabit technicians.

It Works

Stop skimming attacks at the ATM Vestibule.

In 2013, we were losing over $300,000 to vestibule skimming in the NY Metro Area. After we installed Parabit readers, that number has gone down to ZERO. SkimGard™ means we haven't had a single attack at a vestibule reader since.

- Top Bank Client

The Parabit Difference

Work with a team of experts who care.

Fantastic account rep. Good support, good people – No complaints. Very super technical support. Compared to what we had before, it's been like night and day. They were full of bugs and full of problems. Parabit and their team solved it all.

- Top Bank Client